THIS IS NEW: In the last few years, major changes may have occurred in the sale process of an existing home. Now the homeowner must (by law) list all the known defects in the home by providing a SELLER’S PROPERTY DISCLOSURE STATEMENT (SPDS). This document is designed to help you make legally required disclosures and avoid inadvertent non-disclosure of key facts.


THE RISK: Very often, the inspection of your home doesn’t take place until after the sales contract has been negotiated. So now when a home inspector finds problems, the buyer is in a position to ask you for an additional discount with which to fix the problem, or the buyer may cancel the contract entirely.  In either case, your house is back on the market and the problem is still there for the next buyer to fix.


HAPPILY, THIS IS CHANGING: Sellers are having their homes inspected at the time of order to determine the condition of the home and make any necessary repairs.  A Sunset Home pre-listing inspection can be available to prospective buyers and their real estate agents to review while touring the property.  This acts as a sales tool, as the listing agent will also have the inspection report available for prospective buyers to review through a link on that agent’s website.


BENEFIT FOR BUYERS: A Sunset pre-listing inspection provides the buyers with a full inspection report by a certified home inspector. The report educates the buyers on the condition of the house so they can decide early on if they want to pursue a property, given the condition, or move on to something else.


BENEFIT FOR SELLERS: A Sunset pre-listing inspection is an important part of the sellers’ property disclosure documents.  It enables sellers to anticipate buyer objections that may have financial implications.


REPAIRS CAN BE MADE AHEAD OF TIME...when defects are first identified on the pre-listing inspection.  This makes the listing more attractive and the property more saleable...which can mean more money for the seller and a faster sale.  It will also eliminate or limit objections about defects during sale negotiations.


A PRE-LISTING INSPECTION helps the seller arrive at a realistic listing price.  For example, if your hot water heater shows significant wear & tear, and will most likely need to be replaced in the near future, you can take that into consideration when pricing your home.


A HOME WITH A PRE-LISTING INSPECTION gives prospective buyers comfort and confidence in moving ahead with an offer.  Your pre-listing inspection is the ultimate gesture of complete disclosure.




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