• At the very least, install Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters on bedroom circuits. These devices help prevent ELECTRICAL FIRES.


  • Smoke detectors: Check for expiration dates located on the back of the detector and change batteries at least once per year.


  • 2 story homes: Have a FIRE LADDER available for escape from the top story. Don’t forget FIRE EXTINGUISHERS.


  • Know the location and how to turn off the HOUSE WATER SHUT OFF VALVE for your home. It is most likely the most important  valve in your residence.


  • Install braided stainless steel flexible water supply lines that supply water to sinks and laundry machines.


  • Install ¼ turn angle stops on ALL water supply lines.


  • Install a float switch in your attic for water leakage detection due to a clogged condensate drain line or defective emergency condensate drain pan.


  • Use inexpensive water sensors to warn you of unwanted moisture at water heaters, cabinets under bathroom sinks and especially at kitchen RO (reverse osmosis) systems inside the cabinet under the kitchen sink.


  • Pool owner: Anti-vortex main drain suction cover plates.


  • Pool owner: Safety vacuum release pump/motor.


You may not know about any of these specialized devices… but we at Sunset Home Inspection do.

All the above items - and more - are designed to enhance your personal safety and minimize loss and unnecessary damages.  Only Sunset takes the time and spends the money to educate homeowners on advanced safety items such as these.




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