Why Sunset Home Inspection Is Different

All Arizona home inspections must be performed according to the Standards of Professional Practice (SOP). The SOP is a minimum standard mandated by the Board of Technical Registration ...it’s the same as getting a grade of “C” in school. The fact is many inspectors will not go beyond the SOP for fear of an increased exposure to their liability. Their inspections are limited to the minimum SOP requirements; you’re getting a “C” home inspection report. This results in two important facts: 1. The home inspector’s liability goes down, and  2. Your chance of discovering new defects goes up


A Sunset home inspection goes far beyond the SOP. We provide at no charge, when appropriate, permit searches, and environmental information as it relates to the “Environmental Information” section in the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement.

For Buyers

We concentrate only on home inspections (over 4,000 have been performed)

A Sunset Home Inspection is focused 100% on your needs.

A Sunset home inspector is the ONLY independent professional working for you, the homebuyer, and NOT the builder/contractor, real estate agent, appraiser, mortgage broker or Title Company?